Book Club Discussion Questions
     The Docent

     Thank you for reading The Docent!  Here are some questions groups may enjoy exploring:

     1. Which characters did you like, and for which reasons?  Of the “good, bad, neutral” categories, 

         where would you rate:
             Eddie Smelton (the docent)
             Eddie’s mother
             Cosmos Theopoulis

             Judge Zelia Valdes
             Attorney Metcalfe
             Jack Ralston
             Basil the detective (and his boss, Porky, of course)
             FBI Director McBride
             Judge Bettinger

     2. What ethical dillemmas did the characters face, and how did they react to them?

     3. Was justice served?

     4. How plausible is the novel’s version of the Gardner Museum’s robbery?

     5. What gripped you about the book’s ending?