Tom Kenny is a native of Greater Boston. Following his undergraduate years at Boston College, he received his law degree from Suffolk Law School and entered the private practice of law on Cape Cod. Over many years of general practice, he has heard unusual (some may choose a different adjective) stories from persons of all stripes. Some have been voiced from the witness chair, others from across his office desk. Years ago he decided to create his own stories and fill them with characters and situations of his own choosing (clients need not worry, these are fables). For a substantial time, Tom's efforts resulted in novels "in the works." Then, finally, The Morning Line was published, and The Docent now follows.

Meet Author Tom Kenny

"...well-conceived and creative...colorful characters straight out of Damon Runyon."


"Kenny is able to do a lot with a quick scene and a few lines of stylish dialogue..."              

                                    -Kirkus Review

Art buffs and thriller fans should want to plunge into this ripped-from-the-headlines effort... A sharp and suspenseful novel about a Boston Museum theft.

-Kirkus Review of The Docent